Economy, environment, and landscape in the



longue durée

The ‘Economy, environment, and landscape in the Cypriot longue durée project examines Ottoman fiscal and property surveys, and British censuses and maps from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. Who were the inhabitants of the island in the 1830s? What property did they own and what did they cultivate? How did Cyprus look upon the arrival of the British in 1878? How can we explore the present-day environment and landscape in relation to historical sources? The different components of the project below allow you to explore these and many other questions on the history of the island.

1882/1883 Ottoman Land Registry Covers
The 1832/1833 Ottoman property survey of Cyprus  

A historical source of unique detail, the 1832/33 Ottoman property survey records all property-owners in Cyprus, their lands, buildings, animals, and places of worship.

Kitchener's map of Cyprus 1885 index sheet
The first triangulated survey of Cyprus by Kitchener (1878-1883)  

The first modern cartographic representation of Cyprus was completed in 1883 by Horatio Kitchener. This interactive web application allows you to explore a map of the whole of Cyprus and detailed maps of Nicosia and Limassol.

Mobile applications
Mobile applications

Our applications for mobile phones and tablets allow you to see your location on the Kitchener map and propose an activity tour to discover the past and present of the Pediaios river.

Mobile applications
Educational material

Addressed to users of all ages from students to teachers, tourists to inhabitants, and the public at large, our educational material proposes learning activities on the past and present of the economy, environment and landscape of Cyprus.


Our research outcomes have been communicated in the press, academic publications and conferences.