Mobile application: The River Speaks- Water, Land and People on the Pediaios

The mobile application can be used along the linear park which starts in the centre of Nicosia and runs parallel to the Pediaios riverbed. It is orientated for use by the wider public (ages 12 years old+ or even younger ones with the collaboration of adults), families and for specialized groups such as historians, educators and environmental researchers. The application proposes a playful walking experience on the Pediaios during which users become familiar with the cultural history, the flora, the fauna and geology of the river. A wider awareness regarding the river through time is captured- through historical maps, postcards and historic photographs; but also spatially through contemporary photographs, maps and sounds produced along the route of the river. The application aspires to remind the inhabitants of Nicosia of the presence of Pediaios river as a vital element of the city and introduce it to its visitors.

It can be used independently for entertainment purposes or as part of an educational programme (e.g. concerning the city of Nicosia, the hydrological network or during interstate educational exchanges). It can also be used in tandem with Booklet 2, which proposes educational activities that also include the use of the application.

Bibliography on which the application was based